Here is what some of our members are saying about our services...
"Dude! Unless you used to sell cars I wouldn't buy a car any other way. The guys at this company have been in the industry forever and know the margins on everything. They will hold your hand through the process and get you the best price on everything. I purchased a new Toyota Sienna, got all the things I wanted, and got a discount on everything! Marcel knows his stuff. Car dealerships always make me nervous I never know if I'm paying too much  or if I could have gotten a better deal, I'm so glad I found these guys, because now I do know! Highly recommended. Thanks Marcel"

frank n. Torrance, CA

"I want to thank Fuzzy for his help & vast knowledge in his Industry. What a feeling to talk to someone who is willing to help you instead of gouging you. Friendly guys more than willing to help!! Onegr8deal is for REAL, will be recommending to everyone I know.

Deborah R

"Fuzzy, IS the MAN! Damn,he knows all the car dealers tricks and he makes them lower the price.He helped negotiate a great deal on a pimp out Mercedes! I couldn't be more pleased , definitely will recommend to all my pals and Black belt friends!! Best customer service ever. 

Thank you for all your help and negotiating, it's the real DEAL, again great customer service and friendly atmosphere.P,S, There is some women in the office next to Fuzzis that needs some help with her anger problems? Pray for the sick I always say.."

Master W.
Huntington Beach, CA

"I was so nervious to make my 1st auto puchase until Onegr8deal they made it so easy for me. My dad has been dealing with them for years so who better to go to? He brought my inquiry to Fuzzy of one gr8 deal and he found exactly what i was looking for price, make, model and miles in less than 24hrs. He got me the price i wanted right out the door. And not to mention found me the best price on a warranty. I am so pleased with my purchase. There's none better than Onegr8deal! Thank you Fuzzy"

Meeyeakoe S.
Los Angeles, CA

"The guys here helped negotiate a great deal on a new Mercedes! I couldn't be more pleased and excited, definitely will recommend to all my friends and family!! Best customer service ever.  I will definitely be going back because now my honey bunny wants to get a car from them too.

Thank you for all your help and negotiating it's really appreciated on on my end, again great customer service and friendly atmosphere."

Dani G.
Newport Beach, CA

"I saved a fortune using "One Great Deal". I will never buy another car without using this service to do it." They were professional, knowledgeable and affordable. It's as if they knew exactly what the car dealer was going say and do before they did it. I was in control of the sales price and interest rate. I got the car I wanted at the price that I wanted. I would recommend this service to anyone that is in the process of buying a car. It's the best $400 dollars you'll ever spend and it will save you many times that amount when buying your next car. Call them now....don't waste any more time. Let the experts help you."

Terry Johnson 2011
Jaguar XJ Supercharged

"I have purchased many cars in the past and each time after I looked back at the countless hours I spent in the dealership,  I felt like each time I got taken for a ride with a high interest rates, misc. fees and additional cost that I never used or needed. This time, I used One Great Deal and they coached me through the process in real time. I got a lower interest rate than the one they initially quoted me and the sales price of the car just over what they had paid for it. If you are going to buy a car use One Great Deal to do it. Its well worth the $400 dollars I spent for the service. I saved 10 times that using their expert advice. The best part is the service is guaranteed!!!!!"

Maria Balasubramanian
2012 Mercedes ML550