What does my OneGr8Deal Membership include?

Your Onegr8Deal membership allows members to access LIVE consultants during the car buying process.  Live consultants will be available during normal business hours.  We will assist in the BEST pricing of: New vehicles, interest rates, lease terms and finance terms, and ALL finance offered products.

Are pre-owned vehicles included?

To a degree. We advise only on interest rates, terms and finance offered products. Pre-owned pricing is different from dealership to dealership.

What is the duration of my OneGr8Deal Membership?

The duration of your Membership will be 14 days. That is from the time your membership fee is processed.  Members will receive a notifcation of activation.

May I renew my OneGr8Deal Membership?

Yes. If the member does not purchase a vehicle within the alloted time provided, the membership may be renewed for an additional 14 days at a 50% fee of original membership.  Renewal is only available once.

May I purchase an additional Membership?

Yes. Memberships can be purchased for each automobile purchase.

How often may I contact OneGr8Deal during my Membership period?

There is NO limitations. Restrictions are outside of normal business hours.

What is the OneGr8Deal Guarantee*?

OneGr8Deal guarantees that if we do not save the member more than the membership fee, the membership fee will be refunded.

*Guaranteed savings will be based on the ENTIRE transaction and members will be pro-rated the difference.

What does the OneGr8Deal Premium Membership include?

OneGr8Deal offers Premium Memberships. Premium memberships include locating the vehicle, negotiating, and delivering the vehicle to the member. (Additional cost will be incurred).  Contact Us for details.