OneGr8Deal was envisioned by a leading Expert in the Retail Automotive Industry over a decade ago. Our founder, Fuzzy Nasiri,  wanted to ensure that EVERY automotive consumer receive the ONEGR8DEAL that they were entitled rather than paying dealerships unnecessary mark-ups and price adjustments which only benefited GUESS WHO?  The Dealerships!

Mr. Nasiri’s longtime friend and co-worker, Marcel Kimura, has joined him in this vision.  With all the proper industry professionals and consultants in place -ready, willing, and able to help our members, OneGr8Deal is finally a reality!  

Our founding owners have over 30+yrs of combined experience in all facets within the automotive industry---including Sales, Marketing, Finance and Management.

Whether the consumer purchases or leases a new vehicle, ONEGR8DEAL is dedicated to offer it’s members OneGr8Deal. ONEGR8DEAL does not work with nor are affiliated with any dealerships, and thus have only one interest at hand…IT’S MEMBERS!

With that in mind, the OneGr8Deal team brings the mission:

“To offer our Members ONEGR8DEAL on their next purchased or leased vehicle”
4630 Campus Dr. # 200C
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Toll FREE:

(844) 663-4783

Management Team

Fuzzy Nasiri, CEO and Founder
Marcel M. Kimura  VP